$100m to Change the World

The MacArthur Foundation and Lever for Change just announced the latest round of their 100&Change competition. $100m will go to a single proposal capable of solving the world’s toughest problems. I love this competition and how it shakes up traditional philanthropy.

Also, Lever for Change’s CEO, Dr. Cecilia Conrad, was on my podcast last year. The conversation we had is easily one of my favorites.

On May 22, 2024, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation announced the launch of a new round of its 100&Change competition for a single $100 million grant to help solve one of the world's most critical social challenges. The registration period is now open.

100&Change | $100 Million Grant Competition | leverforchange.org


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Written by

Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

Provo, UT