You Can’t Buy Virtue

Most people agree that there are things money shouldn’t be able to buy. Making everything a market has the potential to disrupt our virtuous instincts. Harvard philosopher Michael Sandel has written extensively on this topic, but this piece of his is an engaging explanation.

“If the supply of altruism, generosity, and civic virtue is fixed, like the supply of fossil fuels, then we should try to conserve it…But to those not steeped in economics, this way of thinking about the generous virtues is strange, even far-fetched. It ignores the possibility that our capacity for love and benevolence is not depleted with use but enlarged with practice.”

How Markets Crowd Out Morals - Boston Review

How to Avoid Making Things Worse When You’re Trying to Do Good

It’s too easy when you want to help that you actually make things worse. This article should be required reading for anyone who is setting out to have an impact on the world. It’s long, but well structured and easy to follow, with a handy table of contents. The six risks named are excellently chosen.

“So if you’re going to try to have an impact, and especially if you’re going to be ambitious about it, it’s very important to carefully consider how you might accidentally make things worse.”

Ways people trying to do good accidentally make things worse, and how to avoid them | 80,000 Hours

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Blowing the Whistle • Tyler Shultz • s01e04

Blowing the Whistle • Tyler Shultz • s01e04

“The real trade secret was that there was no secret.” Elizebeth Holmes—Founder of Theranos—raised billions of dollars in startup capital. The entire company failed to produce a functioning technology, putting customer’s lives in danger and defrauding investors. Tyler Schultz recounts his harrowing experience as a young graduate

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