Beauty-Related Words Improve Prosocial Tendencies

There’s fascinating research on how awe-filled experiences make us more likely to care about others. This study from 2020 aligns with that research, by connecting experiences of beauty with prosociality.

“Drawing from research on prosocial behavior, aesthetics, and conceptual metaphor, we posit and find that simply exposing consumers to beauty-related words activates the concept of prosociality (study 1), improves their prosocial tendency in general (study 2), and lowers their evaluations and purchase intentions of products with corporate social responsibility issues (but has no effect on products without such issues) (study 3).”

Does Mere Exposure to Beauty-Related Words Promote Prosocial Behavior? Exploring the Mental Association between Beauty and Prosociality. | The Prosocial Consumer


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Written by

Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

Provo, UT