Counterfactual Muggings and Repugnant Conclusions

I get that it’s weird to recommend a book review but not the book itself. Yet here we are.

I enjoy reading public philosophy, especially the stuff that relates to altruism and doing good in the world. In 2022, Will MacAskill and his book What We Owe the Future made the rounds on just about every podcast there is. I read most of it before I set it aside.

Instead of telling you what I think about it, though, I recommend reading this fantastic review by Scott Alexander. I learned a great deal and was also entertained, which is my favorite kind of reading.

“I realize this is ‘anti-intellectual’ and ‘defeating the entire point of philosophy’. If you want to complain, you can find me in World A, along with my 4,999,999,999 blissfully happy friends.”

Book Review: What We Owe The Future - by Scott Alexander


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Written by

Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

Provo, UT