How to Help Podcast - Available Now!

How to Help Podcast - Available Now!

The Podcast Is Live!

Episodes 1, 2, and 3 of the How to Help Podcast are available now in your favorite podcast player. If you're already a podcast listener, click the button below to subscribe and start listening right away.

Please consider sharing the podcast on your social media. (If we get enough listeners in the first week, it helps draw the attention of people who write the recommended playlists.) I pasted a link below, or you can use the Share button in your podcast player.

Last, if you're new to podcasts I have instructions below for you too. :)

Please be sure to listen, rate, and subscribe. Thank you for your help in spreading the word!


How to Help Podcast: Listen and Subscribe


You can share this link on your social media:

New to Podcasts?

If you're new to the podcast world, here are three of the most popular ways to listen.

For Apple Devices

Click on this link to open the podcast in Apple's podcast player, where you can listen, rate, and subscribe:

Apple Podcasts

You might need to download the podcast player from the App Store. You can find the link for it here:

Download the Podcasts App

For Google

You can listen to the podcast using Google Podcasts either in your web browser or the Google Podcasts app. This link will take you there, where you can listen, rate, and subscribe:

Google Podcasts

For Spotify

If you are a Spotify user, this link will take you there where you can listen, rate, and subscribe:

Spotify Podcasts


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Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

Provo, UT