Bonus Episode • Tyler Shultz Reflects on the Elizabeth Holmes Trial and Verdict

Bonus Episode • Tyler Shultz Reflects on the Elizabeth Holmes Trial and Verdict

On January 4 , Elizabeth Holmes, the founder and CEO of the blood testing company Theranos, was found guilty of defrauding her investors. Listen to Tyler Shultz—one of the principle whistleblowers—reflect on the trial and verdict, sharing a perspective that only he can.

About Our Guest

Tyler Shultz graduated from Stanford with a Biology degree and entered the national scene when he blew the whistle at Theranos. He was also a source for a series of Wall Street Journal articles exposing Theranos’ dubious blood-testing practices. Information Tyler provided was used in the recent trial finding Elizabeth Holmes guilty of defrauding investors.

Useful Links

  • A timeline of the Elizabeth Holmes trial
  • Thicker than Water is Tyler’s Audible Original where he tells his story, first-hand. There’s no better way to get his unique perspective on all that happened.
  • Bad Blood, this book features Tyler Schultz and the Theranos scandal. Penned by John Carreyrou, the original author of the Wall Street Journal articles.

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Written by

Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

Provo, UT