Finding Your Calling • Prof. Jeff Thompson • s01e01

Finding Your Calling • Prof. Jeff Thompson • s01e01

Do you feel like you have a calling in life? Is there something when you wake up each day that you feel you are meant to do? If you don’t feel like you do, this episode will help you find what you’re missing. We’ll learn from Prof. Jeff Thompson, a professor of management and expert in calling.

About Our Guest

Jeff Thompson is a professor at the BYU Marriott School of business and the George Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics. Jeff Thompson is someone who thrives in the study of finding your calling, and he loves to ask questions like what makes a job a calling? And how do we find our calling?

Useful Links

Dr. Thompson’s book The Zookeeper’s Secret: Finding Your Calling is a great read.

Jeff Thompson also has a Google Scholar full of resources that will create a more meaningful work experience.

Dr. Hull company Neuroworx came from tragedy and is inspiring people every day.

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Written by

Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

Provo, UT