Intervention • Bill O’Rourke • s01e08

Intervention • Bill O’Rourke • s01e08

Sometimes it’s hard to be the hero. According to research, this is one of the most common dilemmas that people face. Bill O’Rourke will guide us through what intervention looks like and how to stand up to those we work with and know. Notice the skills Bill uses, things like gathering the facts, seeking perspective from others, acting confidently, and setting the tone as a leader.

About Our Guest:

Bill O’Rourke spent the majority of his career at Alcoa, Inc. a global aluminum manufacturing company. After Bill retired from Alcoa he continued to serve on the Board of the Alcoa Foundation and teach values at Alcoa’s Executive Leadership Program. He joined Alcoa as a Patent Attorney in 1975 and held a number of leadership positions including Corporate Patent Counsel, Vice President of Global Business Services (Financial Services, HR Services, Aircraft Operations, etc.), Chief Information Officer, Vice President of Procurement, Corporate Auditor, and Assistant General Counsel. From 2005 to 2008 Bill was the President of Alcoa-Russia. Bill was the Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety, and Sustainability three times under three CEOs at Alcoa.

Bill lectures on Business Ethics, Corporate Compliance, and Safety at a number of companies and hospitals around the World, at Rotary Clubs, and at many universities including the University of Pittsburgh, Michigan, Nebraska, Arizona State, Florida, Illinois, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard Medical School, Northwestern, Chatham, San Jose, Viterbo, Benedictine, Marquette, Notre Dame, Gonzaga, Virginia Tech, the University of Dayton and Duquesne University.

Bill is a co-author of The Business Ethics Field Guide.

Useful Links:

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WSJ Story of the Alcoa Plant Manager

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Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

Provo, UT