Meaningful Work • Prof. Andrea Veltman • s01e09

Meaningful Work • Prof. Andrea Veltman • s01e09

People spend most of their waking hours working. It’s no wonder that we want to enjoy our work, but that can be complicated. The world is full of dangerous or difficult jobs with low pay. How does meaningful work fit ethically in such a world?

In this episode, we’ll learn from Dr. Andrea Veltman, an expert in the philosophy of work. Together, we’ll confront questions that are guaranteed to make you think differently about your job (and everyone else’s too).

About Our Guest:

Dr. Andrea Veltman is a professor of philosophy at James Madison University, where she teaches courses in ethics and political philosophy. She specializes, among other things, in the philosophy of work and wrote the book Meaningful Work, one of my favorite reads of the past year.

Useful Links:

Meaningful Work- examines the importance of work in human well-being, addressing several related philosophical questions about work and arguing on the whole that meaningful work is central in human flourishing. Work impacts flourishing not only in developing and exercising human capabilities but also in instilling and reflecting virtues such as honor, pride, dignity,

“Universal Basic Income and the Good of Work” in The Future of Work, Technology and a Basic Income, edited by Michael Cholbi and Michael Weber (Routledge, 2020), pp. 131-150.

“What Makes Work Meaningful?” in The Philosophers’ Magazine 81:2 (2018): 78 – 83.

“Is Meaningful Work Available to All People?” in Philosophy and Social Criticism, Volume 41: Number 7 (2015).

Autonomy, Oppression and Gender (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014).

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Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

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