Resilience • Melissa Sevy • s01e06

Resilience • Melissa Sevy • s01e06

“People who were not lacking in capability, but lacking an opportunity”

Artisans in the developing world have incredible, valuable skills, but limited access to global markets. From jewelry to baskets, and pottery to blankets, Melissa Sevy creates opportunities for artisans to flourish, providing jobs, fair pay work, and dignity. But it hasn’t been easy. Along the way she faced difficulty, hardship, and brick walls. Yet, her resilient nature overcomes and helped her to be there to strengthen others.

About Our Guest:

Melissa Sevy specializes in helping artisans in the developing world gain access to global markets. She is the founder and Executive Director of Mabira Collective (formerly Musana), a nonprofit working with jewelry artisans in Uganda.

She also is the Co-founder of Fair Kind a for-profit social venture. Fair Kind is a social enterprise that sources handmade products from artisan groups around the world for corporate clients.

Her newest company is Ethik Collective, platform that enables companies to source ethical handmade goods and materials from artisans around the world.

Useful Links:

Melissa Sevy is on Twiter.

Fair Kind supports local artisans and creates a positive impact. You can buy their beautiful products directly.

Mabira Collective creates a sustainable solution based in love and breaking the cycle of dependency by helping women develop as jewelry artisans and entrepreneurs.

Ethik offers ethical sourcing of all things handmade

Grit shares that achievement is found through focused persistence called grit.

Resilience Research Center has collaborated with local, national, and international institutions for more than 15 years to carry out innovative research that explores pathways to resilience across cultures.

About Merit Leadership

Our Business Ethics classroom in a Box focuses on developing future leaders by developing ethical skills and tools in an easy-to-use course. Providing lesson plans, exercises, and assessments that help people succeed where good intentions fall short.

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Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

Provo, UT